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January 13 2018

Yves Sorge
#34c3 Fairydust - Sundowner

The rocket "Fairydust" is the logo of CCC events. On the picture you can see the 7 meter high rocket in the exhibition hall Leipzig.

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December 23 2017

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Escher Metamorphose.
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November 20 2017

Flight Attendant
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November 14 2017

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November 01 2017

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October 25 2017

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September 11 2017

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Senior developer refactoring code


August 28 2017

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August 25 2017

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August 24 2017

This animation of temperature changes between 1900 - 2016, arranged by country, is jaw dropping.
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July 12 2017

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Wahlkampffahrzeug der Hamburger SPD.
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June 26 2017

Living the dream

June 12 2017

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May 30 2017

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8-bit foods are great for simple, healthy nutrition. Low-bit food digests faster and has less memory to sneak in harmful additives.
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May 25 2017

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